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Self-study modules

Improve your EU knowledge quickly and efficiently!

Our self-study modules are the perfect starting point to get a quick and efficient update on a range of key EU affairs topics.

EU Decision-Making | EU Policies | EU Law | EU Public Management

Clearly structured content combined with glossaries, reading materials, background documents, links and plenty opportunities for interaction and self-evaluation enable you to improve your EU knowledge quickly and efficiently.

The course content is divided sections and presented in a dynamic and interactive way through texts, visuals, animations and lists explorations. The concepts are introduced progressively and the interactive techniques are varied to ensure the highest learner retention. Examples and case studies are also included to help you focus on the practical dimension of the subjects. At the end of each module, a final test combined with corrective feedback allows you to evaluate the level of understanding achieved and measure your learning curve.

Modules can be bought separately, but it will be more interesting to create your own course package for which special prices apply. Check out our price policy or contact us.

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