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The Infringement Procedure

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What is this module about?
This module provides a thorough and practical analysis of the infringement procedure, established in Articles 258-260 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, as the most important enforcement mechanism that can be applied by the Commission against a Member State whenever it is of the opinion that the Member State is in breach of its obligations under European Union law. The main topics covered are: 
  • the mains phase of the procedure; 
  • the main actors that intervene in it; 
  • the prerogatives of the Commission as initiator of the procedure; 
  • the different defence mechanisms that Member States may resort to in order to improve its legal position during the procedure; 
  • the legal value of the decision of the Court of Justice; 
  • the system of calculation of the financial penalties which can be imposed on the Member States; 
  • the recent procedural changes introduced as a consequence of the Treaty of Lisbon.
How will it help you?
By the end of this module the participants will gain a practical insight of the procedure, which will illustrate to them how to intervene in the different phases and how to maximise the influence of the respective roles they perform in it.

Who will benefit most?
This module targets all public sector employees who are in charge of or involved in the transposition of EU law and/or answering/preparing the defences of the State in all stages of the infringement procedure at the three levels of government (i.e. national, regional and local), as well as institution officials who also intervene in the different phases on behalf of the EU (responding to individual complaints, researching potential infringements, dealing with Member States’ authorities, etc.). It also targets practitioners, experts and interested actors from other sectors, who wish to update their knowledge of the infringement procedure and obtain a comprehensive overview.

This module will take about 60 minutes to complete. When you finish the module you can request your certificate via i-learn@eipa.eu
Juan Diego Ramírez-Cárdenas Díaz
Senior Lecturer
Consumer Law;European Union Law;Consumer Protection;EU Law;European Integration;Fundamentals Rules, Rights and Principals;Mutual Recognition of Diplomas;


Juan Diego Ramírez-Cárdenas Díaz is a Senior Lecturer at EIPA's Luxembourg Centre, the European Centre for Judges and Lawyers. He studied law and international relations at the Universidad Complutense, Madrid. He completed his training at the College of Europe in Bruges where he was awarded an MA in European political and administrative studies.

Before joining EIPA, he worked for the College as a Teaching Assistant and for the Commission in a number of legal projects relating to the completion of the internal market. Since working at EIPA, Diego has been extensively involved in training and consultancy for the judiciary and other legal professionals in all candidate countries and most new Member States. He has also been teaching regularly at the Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris (Sc Po Paris) in the capacity of Senior Lecturer.

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