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Ordinary Legislative Procedure

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What is this module about?
This module is about the Ordinary Legislative Procedure of the European Union. This is the procedure by which most EU laws are agreed between the EU institutions, on the basis of objectives and competences agreed upon between the Member States in the EU Treaty. The module has three sections. 
  • The first section explains what we mean by ‘legislative’ procedures in the EU context; 
  • The second section looks at how the ‘ordinary’ legislative procedure works in practice; 
  • The third section illustrates this with an example – the negotiation in 2010 of the Regulation giving effect to the new European Citizens’ Initiative which was introduced by the Lisbon Treaty.
How will it help you?
By the end of the module, students will understand the roles of the different institutional actors involved in EU legislative procedures; and they will have a clear overview of the various stages of the procedure, as well as an appreciation of the formal and informal aspects of the inter-institutional negotiating process.

Who will benefit most?
The module is suitable for all those interested in obtaining an understanding of EU legislative procedures.

This module will take about 90 minutes to complete. When you finish the module you can request your certificate via i-learn@eipa.eu
Dr Edward Best
Head of Unit “European Decision-Making”; Professor
Decision Making Process;European Integration;Economic Governance;


Dr Edward Best is Head of Unit at the European Institute of Public Administration in Maastricht, and honorary Senior Fellow of Maastricht University. He specializes in European institutions and the political aspects of European integration, as well as comparative regionalism and the management of regional organizations. He has been responsible for successive framework contracts to provide training services to the EU institutions on European governance, and has given regular courses in the European Commission and EU Agencies. He has been a consultant for the European Commission, the United Nations, the Inter-American Development Bank and the Helsinki Commission.

He is the author of Understanding EU Decision-Making (Springer 2016) and EU Law-Making in Principle and Practice (Routledge 2014), both published with the support of the Publications Office of the EU. He is co-editor of The Institutions of the Enlarged European Union (Edward Elgar 2008) with Thomas Christiansen and Pierpaolo Settembri, and of Rethinking the European Union: IGC 2000 and Beyond (EIPA 2000) with Mark Gray and Alexander Stubb, and has published numerous articles on the EU and institutional arrangements for regional integration.

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